Case Study: Furniture


Furniture Design


Houston, Texas




9′-0″ x 36″ x 16″


3 months


Furniture Design

Project Management


Materials: Volga blue granite, steel, and lacquered wood. This console table was designed and handcrafted for some of our most wonderful clients. There was a large open space under a huge painting in their Houston dining room; The opening was practically begging for a console table. From concept to completion, the piece was crafted with the space and the clients in mind. Supporting such large slabs of stone on a visually ‘light’ piece of furniture was no easy task. Hidden inside of the legs is a steel structure effortlessly holding nearly 300 lbs of thick stone. (Note: The custom Swarovski chandelier above the dining table was designed by MMonroe as well).


First, a problem came to light: How to fill the large open space next to a twelve person dining table, under a huge diptych painting? Non-custom pieces were not meeting the size or budget requirements. So sketches began, followed by CAD, renderings, details & structural elements, and material samples. Manufacturer selection was the easy part. MMonroe knew to call on Brooklyn craftsman Angel Naula of Naula Workshop for such a meticulous lacquer piece. Shipping was nerve wracking but smooth, as the piece is lacquer but was made in three easy-to-assemble parts. A mid-production check and final check was followed by shipping to Texas. Upon safe arrival, the stone top was then manufactured and installed locally.

Finished Photography: Jack Thompson Base Manufacturing: Naula Workshop