test sliders

Current homepage slider Jetpack with control over height and exact image size

WP Carousel (premium upgrade would get the b&w to color hover like we had before plus hero slider options & diff overlay options)

[sp_wpcarousel id=”1992″]

Gutenslider free version (they make you pay to add space btw slides LOL)

test title

test title 2

test title 3

test title 4

test title 5

test title 6

Carousel Slider for Gutenberg plugin (free) and custom arrows (arrow options) with individual images

Same but with pre-made square images

adding in b&w to color hover the free way! with “cover” blocks inside (first ex are perfect squares!)

With more complicated nested cover blocks inside

hero cover test solo

Jetpack Tiled Gallery (green icon in blocks)

WordPress Standard Gallery Option